Solar eclipse

We were lucky enough to get a clear view of the annular eclipse over Kenya this morning. The morning dawned sunny and bright, but by 7:30 AM the sun was becoming strangely less powerful than usual… It never got fully dark and the birds didn’t stop singing; the little ring of sunlight left at 8:30 was enough to keep the day bright, about as bright as it usually is just after sunrise.

One of the most mesmerizing things about the eclipse was the way it affected the shadows around us. Trees next to the house were transformed into a series of hoops and circles on the ground and walls. It was a very unusual and beautiful way to start the day!

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3 comments on “Solar eclipse

  1. Very very cool!

  2. wow! love the shadow pics…they look so surreal!

  3. gomathy on said:

    These photos are fantastic..a real “ring of fire”! It looked very similar to this, from chennai.

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