Introducing Vicky

Hi everyone,

Siva is still in the north, most recently in an area called Hurri Hills near the Ethiopian border. The trip is going well so far and he should be back next week.

Meantime, we wanted to introduce you to one of the important members of the Laikipia Grevy’s Zebra Project, Vicky Zero.

Vicky first came to Kenya in January 2009 (having mostly worked on lizards and fish, before then), working for another project based at Mpala that is studying parasites and disease in Grant’s gazelles. Starting in March, Vicky began working part time for Siva, looking at parasites in Grevy’s dung (see some of our earlier posts about this). She began working full-time on the Grevy’s project in August and has been helping with parasite and genetics work, Grevy’s censuses, as well as data and database management. She is a great member of the team and a real asset to the project!

Vicky is going to be writing more about her work, particularly the zebra photo-ID database she has been working with, over several posts, so check back soon to hear more!


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